Revd Julia is leaving

Dear friends,

You might have noticed my husband Paul has been missing a lot recently! It is because he has been doing up the empty shell of our new house on the IOW in preparation for retirement…. which I hasten to add I am NOT that close to! We did expect that at some point before retirement that I might work on the island but today I need to tell you that the moment has come sooner than we anticipated. A job arose on the island and I was recently successful at interview.

This August was the third anniversary of my first service here in the Arle Valley and I shall be taking my last service at St John’s on Sunday 18th October. I shall be visiting the three village churches before then to say ‘Farewell’ because sadly we cannot come together as one.

In the new year I begin full-time as Spiritual Care Lead at the ‘outstanding’ Mountbatten Hospice, Isle of Wight. This is a role with an emphasis on community and education as well as patients and families in hospice and at home. I shall be licensed to Newport Minster and often working with my colleague at Southampton’s Mountbatten Hospice, Hampshire.

There is of course more to say but we have over a month to say it. I ask for your prayers as I most surely pray for you all.