Parish magazine

Details of news items, and other events, may be found in our award-winning Parish Magazine, published monthly.

If you would like to receive the magazine on a monthly basis delivered to your home and at a reduced rate, please ring the Parish Office on Alresford 733545 and leave your name, address and telephone number.

The editorial team consists of:

  • Penny Forbes (Editor)
  • The team: Ruth/Alison/Julie/Jane


To contact the magazine team, please send an email to:

Magazine Advertising:

  • Alison Starr

For anything related to adverts, please send an email to:

Note to Advertisers: Advertisements run for 1 Complete Year from November

If you would like to get an idea of what the magazine looks like, please click on the picture of the magazine cover and you’ll see the edition from July 2013.

If you would like to get the latest edition, please come into the church and buy one!



Congratulations to the Parish Magazine Team !!

First Place in the category of Best Print.
And… fifth overall

First Place in the National Parish Magazine Awards 2006
in the category of Best Editor.
And… third overall

A fantastic achievement by the magazine team.