At Confirmation, the Bishop lays his hands on, and anoints with oil, those who have been Baptised, so that they may be strengthened (confirmed) in their Christian life by the gift of the Holy Spirit.

6de99443-bbb7-452e-8907-fc3afbAdults who wish to be Baptised are encouraged to be Confirmed as well. This is usually performed by the Bishop at a single service. The last Confirmation service was held on 22nd December 2019 with Bishop David presiding; there is normally one Confirmation service each year.  

Who can be Confirmed?

Anyone over the age of eleven, who has been Baptised or wishes to be Baptised, and who has been prepared for Confirmation in their local church can be confirmed. 

How can I be prepared for Confirmation?

Most years we will offer a course of preparation (6-8 sessions long) for both adults and young people.

During this time you might decide that you are not yet ready for this step, and so joining a preparation group does not imply a final commitment.

How can I find out more?

More information on Confirmations can be found on The Church of England website.

If you are interested in being confirmed within in the Benefice, please contact the
Benefice Administrator, t. 01962 733545 or email: