Join a Team

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A great way to build friendships in church is to join a volunteer team and serve with others who also desire to see the church grow and develop into a place which reflects God's character and creativity.

We’re convinced everyone has a role to play and we want to help each person discover and use their gifts.  Here’s a run down of some of the teams operating in the church. Find something that fits your interests and please do get in touch.

32958068 990421464455997 34722Catering - Assisting the catering team in catering for St John’s events.  Duties include:  

  • Setting up the JPH with tables and chairs etc
  • Serving freshly prepared food 
  • Washing up duties 
  • Being cheerful and happy in your Voluntary role! 
You don’t have to be able to attend all events and do all duties!!! 
The workload is always shared!  
Contact Pippa Sherry, t. 07748 44187 for more details.

IMG 2229Church Flowers -  More volunteers are needed to join the rota for 2022. Between all of us, we have tried to ensure flowers have been done, not only for Sundays and Church festivals but for some weddings and funerals, too. The more help we can get lightens the load on the present team, which has become considerably smaller in recent years and none of us are getting younger!
Please think about it!  Thank you.  
Diana Robbins, t. 01420 565668, email:

117035824 1640995252731945 137Churchyard Maintenance - St. John's churchyard is very large and needs constant attention to keep it maintained. We try to keep maintenance costs to a minimum, using volunteers where possible.  If you would like to help with the churchyard and volunteer your services, please contact the Benefice office t. 01962 733545,
email:, who will be grateful of
any help you can provide. 

hygiene-3254675 640Cleaning - Church cleaners at St John’s. In preparation for when the church is fully open we need to recruit more cleaners. Three of our long time regulars have given up cleaning for us, so more volunteers are needed. It only takes about 1/2 hour per week, and hopefully you then need to do your bit once a fortnight.  The more we have, the less you have to do it!  Please contact Hefin Tudor t. 01962 733666.
hands-2168901 1280Prayer Team - This is a group of people who pre-Covid met once a month to pray for others and to learn more about prayer. We also offer a confidential prayer chain between ourselves for anyone with particular requests. We have also offered prayer at the back of the church during communion pre-Covid. To find out more about joining the team or to ask for prayer please contact Rosie Waring Green
t. 01962 733237, email:
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Service Rotas (Sidesmen, Intercessors, Readers) - we would welcome new recruits for these duties at St John’s, so how about YOU?  Please contact David
Griffiths, t. 01962 734408, email:

demonstration-767984 1280Tech Team @ St. John's - are looking for 2 or 3 more volunteers to help to either film and livestream the services (just a question of sitting with the camera), control the sound on the iPad or change the overhead slides on the computer. We have a great team already but it would make everyone's life easier if we had some more help so the times on the rota could be more spread out!!  
Please contact Rosie Waring Green,  t. 07891 120662,
email: for any further details.

SS-1Young People - The Our Place Youth Group usually meets socially once a fortnight on a Sunday evening but is on hold at the moment. If you would like to offer to help in the future, do contact Rosie Waring Green, t. 01962 733237, email: 

If you would like to get involved in any of these areas or have another question about getting more involved in the church,
please contact the church office.