Below are links to the latest record of burials and interment of cremated remains in the Churchyard of St John the Baptist New Alresford. These files provide access to the New Alresford Register of Burials for those interred between 1900 and 2021 and pre 1900 (See note below), together with plans of the areas where interments are situated. The handwritten Official Registers span several books, and these are referred to in the file “Burial Register 1900-2021” as Burial Book 1, 2, 3 and Cremation Book 1.

Using hand-written Official Registers from 1949 to 2021 Roger and Kathryn Lockyer have updated the record of those who have been laid to rest in the Churchyard. This record was originally created by Dr C E Meryon, Churchwarden in 1952 and updated in 2007 by Glenn Gilbertson. Margot Power, Church Secretary added further entries up to 2014. This record is as accurate as it has been possible to make it, but no claim is made that it is perfect.

Some of the latest information has come from handwritten booklets found in the church office in 2019 which provided details of the “Old Churchyard” and relates to graves pre-1949. Those dated post 1900 have been added to the Buria1 Register index with an appropriate note in the comment’s column. Those prior to 1900 are included in the file “Burial register to 1899”. This lists all the known pre-1900 graves still in the Churchyard and the Gravestones standing along the East and West sides, and the arc beside the path opposite the South area.

Plans of all areas of the Graveyard are available and during 2020 areas B and D have been compared with the actual site and some amendments made to the plans along with additions to the register.

Our research has shown that there are a number of entries in the hand-written Official Registers that it has not been possible to physically place in the Churchyard. Conversely, there are a number of entries, especially relating to the interment of cremated remains, that although identified physically, are not recorded in the Official Registers. Both circumstances have been indicated in the comments column of the Burial Register to 2020. Some of the plots do not have gravestones and many of the older gravestones are no longer legible.

The following files will open in a new window or tab using the links shown. To view the register, you need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your PC. This can be downloaded free of charge from the Adobe web site. The Adobe icon below will take you directly to the Adobe Download Site.

Burial Register 1900-2021
Burial Register to 1899
Map of Churchyard Burial Areas
Plan Burial Plots A
Plan Burial Plots B
Plan Burial Plots C
Plan Burial Plots D
Plan Burial Plots E
Plan Burial Plots EX-S
Plan Burial Plots F
Plan Burial Plots G
Plan Burial Plots H
Plan Burial Plots I
Plan Burial Plots J
Plan Burial Plots K
Plan Burial Plots New (designated 2005)
Plan Burial Plots Old Churchyard East
Plan Cremation Plots South
Plan Cremation Plots South West
Plan Cremation Plots West
Plan Cremation Plots East