Recent Services

We will continue to provide an online broadcast service (St. John's Church) every Sunday, so you can still worship from home. Each Sunday broadcast is available in the afternoon and remains available for 3 weeks.

9.30am Second Sunday Service @ St. John’s - 12th September 2021

10am Friday Holy Communion @ St. John's - 10th September 2021

9.30am Climate Change Sunday Service @ St. John's - 5th September 2021

9.30am Benefice Communion Service @ St. John's - 29 August 2021

9.30am Service of the Word @ St. John's - 22 August 2021
Apologies the sound starts after 8 mins 30 seconds!

10am Friday Holy Communion @ St. John's - 20 August 2021

9.30am Parish Communion @ St. John's - 15 August 2021
Apologies for the delay and the poor sound quality!

9.30am Second Sunday Service @ St. John's - 8 August 2021

Note: We are sorry that the sound on the service was not there at the beginning. Attached are notes and bible verses to guide you through the first part of the service and the talk until just after the story about Albert McMakin when the sound is restored at 26 minutes in.