Screenshot 2022-04-28 at 12.19The Arle Valley Voice 

The Arle Valley Voice is published monthly for the people of the Benefice, as as source of church and community news and information.  We hope there are articles of interest for you as well as useful local advertisements.  The magazine aims to reflect not only the life and work of the parish churches, but also community activities within our parishes.
The Arle Valley Voice has existed in its present form since November 2019, but there has been a parish magazine for many years, with several different editors and changes in format.  Parishioners and members of the community have always run the collating of articles, editing and publishing the magazine on a voluntary basis.  We aim to have a colour supplement each month which highlights a recent significant event in the Benefice.

The magazine is delivered to magazine subscribers by a team of over 30 people.  The cost of a subscription is £10 for 11 issues (there is a combined December/January edition) - which is a saving of £3.20 a year and includes delivery to your home.  Please contact Caroline Hawkins on 01962 732964 for more subscription information.

The Arle Valley Voice is sold at £1.20 a month in all the Benefice churches and from the Six West Newsagents in Alresford.  

Would you like to contribute to our magazine? 

We always welcome contributions from our readers. There is an opportunity to share a wide variety of reports, stories and items of interest.  We would love to hear from you! 

Articles on the following are keenly sought after: 
Local area walks
Travel/adventure stories
Spiritual life and growth
Recycling tips & advice/reducing plastic waste
Photos, alone or with a story 
An event you would like publicised 

Your contributions can be from as little as 50 words to a full page article of 750 words. Photos are lovely accents to articles and also mean there is less for you to write! 

If you would like to contribute, please feel free to contact the editor, Penny Forbes, at for inclusion in The Arle Valley Voice.